Experienced Outer Banks Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys

The experienced North Carolina criminal defense lawyers at Sharp, Graham, Baker & Varnell, LLP are well-known throughout the Outer Banks, and have represented defendants in North Carolina traffic cases for more than 30 years. Based in Kitty Hawk, our traffic ticket defense attorneys serve communities throughout Northeast North Carolina.

We Give You the Personalized Attention You Deserve

When you hire the lawyers at Sharp, Graham, Baker & Varnell, you get personalized attention and experienced legal counsel. We meet with you to discuss your situation, and work hard to provide you with the best possible resolution of your traffic case.

Should I Hire an Attorney for a Traffic Ticket?

People often ask whether they should hire an attorney for a so-called “minor traffic violation.” The short answer is: if you think you need an attorney, you probably do. In traffic cases, many people represent themselves and simply pay the fine and court costs. In reality, you may have any number of defenses that can either eliminate the charge altogether, or be used to negotiate a more favorable plea bargain.

By hiring an attorney to defend you against a traffic ticket, you give yourself a better chance of beating it. The District Attorney is more likely to drop a charge or negotiate a more favorable disposition if you appear in court with an attorney, even for a “minor traffic ticket.”

We will help you obtain the best possible resolution for your traffic ticket. Sometimes we can get the case dismissed. Other times, our attorneys negotiate with the Distract Attorney to reduce or even avoid points on your license, get a lower charge, or reduce fines or court costs.

If You Drive for a Living, Consequences Can Be Even Higher

If you drive commercially, the consequences of a traffic ticket are even higher, even if you were not driving professionally when you received the ticket. You could receive points on your license, suffer increased insurance rates or, depending on the severity of the offense, even lose your job or CDL. Our attorneys will work hard to keep the conviction off of your driving record, if possible.

Call Our OBX Attorneys Today to Defend Your Traffic Ticket

Whatever the offense, by hiring the Outer Banks traffic ticket defense lawyers at Sharp, Graham, Baker & Varnell, LLP, you give yourself a better chance of avoiding conviction, points on your license, or increased insurance rates — and reducing the fines and costs associated with a traffic ticket.

If you received a traffic ticket in the Outer Banks, contact Sharp, Graham, Baker & Varnell, LLP today to meet with one of our experienced attorneys and begin preparing your legal defense. Call us at 252-261-2126, email inquiry@ncobxlaw.com, or complete our online form.