Aggressive Outer Banks DWI Defense Attorneys

A DWI is one of the most severe traffic offenses you can be charged with. A conviction for Driving While Intoxicated has the potential to raise your insurance premiums, and can wreak havoc on your life as you suffer the temporary loss of your driving privileges, need to find alternative transportation to and from work, and the handle stress of having to defend yourself in a court of law.

The Outer Banks DWI defense attorneys at Sharp, Graham, Baker & Varnell, LLP know what's at stake for you — and we take your DWI charge as seriously as you do. We have years of experience aggressively defending our neighbors and visitors throughout Northeast North Carolina.

The Stakes are High for a North Carolina Drunk Driving Charge

In North Carolina, you can be charged with DWI if you drive when your Blood Alcohol Content, or BAC, exceeds .08%, or if you were under the influence of another intoxicating substance like prescription or non-prescription drugs. The penalties for a DWI conviction can be severe, ranging from a minimum of 24 hours in jail to as high as 36 months of jail time, a minimum 60 days license suspension, and fines and court costs that could reach as high as $10,000. Learn more about NC drunk driving penalties.

If you live out of state but were charged with DWI in the Outer Banks, not only will you be prohibited from driving in North Carolina, but you will also likely lose your driving privileges at home. Not to mention, you will face the logistical nightmare of getting transportation to and from the Outer Banks — not for vacation, but to defend a DWI charge.

How a DWI Defense Attorney Can Help

The potential penalties for a DWI conviction are severe, and DWI charges can be very technical to defend. Our experienced North Carolina DWI defense attorneys may be able to challenge the validity of the BAC test, question whether the police officer had reasonable suspicion to stop you in the first place, or raise other constitutional challenges to the DWI charge. If your attorney successfully challenges the District Attorney’s evidence that you were intoxicated, or the way in which evidence of your alleged intoxication was obtained, the evidence of your alleged intoxication may be excluded — giving you a better chance of negotiating a better sentence, or possibly avoiding the DWI charge altogether.

Call Our OBX Attorneys Today to Defend Your DWI Case

Whether you live in the Outer Banks or were here on vacation, if you are charged with a DWI, it is imperative that you contact an attorney as soon as possible to help prepare a defense defense to your DWI charge. The Outer Banks DWI defense attorneys at Sharp, Baker, Graham & Varnell will give you personalized attention, and treat your DWI case as if it were happening to one of our own family members.

If you were charged with DWI in North Carolina, contact the attorneys at Sharp, Graham, Baker & Varnell. We will ease your burden and vigorously defend you against the charge of Driving While Intoxicated. Call us at 252-261-2126, email, or complete our online form.